5 Things to Increase your Home’s Resale Value

If you are looking for projects that will boost the value of your home, suggestions are all over the map from interior to exterior ideas. Updating the kitchen and the bath top most lists. You might be surprised to learn that not all sources recommend an expensive renovation. A partial upgrade with updated appliances for the kitchen and a new sink and toilet for the bathroom could do the trick. A deep cleaning can work wonders, too, when trying to attract potential buyers.


What’s the Cost vs Value of Upgrades?

In a Cost vs. Value report done by Remodeling magazine in 2018, you’ll find insights into what investments might add the most value. Depending on your budget, the age, design and condition of your home, you have an endless array of options to choose from, no matter what information source you refer to for advice.

1. Garage Door Replacement

This improvement ranked high on return for investment, according to a number of resources. Since garage doors are often the first thing you see when viewing a home from the street, taking the time to choose the right color and design for your home can bring almost a 100% return on investment. This is a step you won’t lose money on.

2. Front Entryway, including Front Door

Again, first impressions matter and your front entryway and door can imply a welcoming, tasteful interior. Something as simple as two elevated plant holders with cascading flowering blossoms on either side of a brightly painted entryway door can create a striking impression. Or, a natural wooden door, with raised panels flanked by sidelights can create a stately, elegant look.


3. Landscaping

An investment in landscaping can boost your home’s value. If potential buyers can’t see your home from the street, pruning back trees, bushes and shrubs could provide a great return on investment. Especially in light of the raging wildfires that struck Napa and Sonoma Counties last year and the Camp Fire, this year. Like Butte County, Marin County has an abundance of vegetation and keeping a non-combustible zone, or “defensible space” approximately 3 to 5 feet around the outside of your home is recommended by the fire department. Planting drought-resistant plants that thrive during periods of limited rainfall are also a great option

4. Upgrade Windows

While windows may be seen as a necessary, functional update, they can also add style and lend elegance, depending on the manufacturer you choose. If you are seeking a functional upgrade, vinyl windows are a good choice. While simple, they increase the energy efficiency of your home at a reasonable price, a feature that won’t be overlooked by prospective buyers.


5. A New Roof

This is one of the costliest investments you can undertake. However, it may also make or break a deal. If you chose any, or all of the previous projects to invest in, they may not matter as much to someone who views home and sees your roof as an immediate problem.

Curb appeal is important and most roofs can be seen from the street. A roof that gives a potential buyer misgivings about whether it can keep a home safe and dry from the elements is at least a sticking point for negotiations.

Getting your roof inspected by a professional is a great place to start. Even a relatively new roof should be examined at least once every couple of years. Maintenance is the best way to keep your roof in good condition and free of debris that can cause weak spots. If your roof does need replacing, the range of materials available today includes architectural-style asphalt shingles that come in a variety of color and texture choices. You can even have a roof that looks like slate, but is actually shingles. Roof technology has advanced to include cool roof shingles that are designed to reflect solar heat that can reduce cooling costs. That is a great selling point.

Contact us today, if you’d like to talk with one of our roofing professionals about inspecting the condition of your roof. We’d be happy to talk about your options.