Will My Insurance Cover A Roof Leak?

Your Roof is a Serious Investment, One that Insurance Can Help Protect

However, home insurance won’t cover all types of damage. The first step is to determine why the roof is leaking and from where. That isn’t as simple as it sounds. Where it is dripping down an interior wall may not be where the leak originated. Leaks can migrate along your ceiling. Finding the entry point of the leak will give you a good idea of the condition of the roof where the leak first broke through.

What Does it Cost to Roof a San Francisco Home?

Peaked Roof, Flat Roof, 3-Story Victorian or Stucco Stand Alone?

So many factors come into determining the cost of a new roof. Everything from the materials you choose, to the slope of the roof and even how close your home is situated to your neighbors. When we get a call from someone in San Francisco asking about prices, we start with the basics. The cost of materials alone can vary greatly, from modestly priced asphalt shingles, to high priced gray slate or red clay tiles.

How to Make a Roof Last?

In a Word, “Maintenance.”

It may not be high tech, or sexy, but maintenance and attention to detail will keep your roof in better shape longer. Most of us would not go out and buy a new car and then drive it for years without checking the oil, the tire treads or scheduling a regular tune-up. Yet, many homeowners don’t even think about the roof overhead unless it leaks.