Signs Your Roof Might Need Repair

Has anyone ever asked you what that sag is in your roof? Are you surprised when you visit your next-door neighbor and wonder whose shoddy shingles you are looking at, until you realize they are on your house? These are signs that your roof is in trouble and might need repairs.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Roof Color?

efficiency comes in a variety of colors. Lighter colors are usually the first choice. If you have a flat roof, like the Eichler homes in Marin and Sonoma counties, you can use a white roof coating to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce heat absorption. White works for a flat roof because from the curb, the color of your roof can’t be seen.

Energy Efficient Tips for Your Roof

Severe weather events and shifting climate norms are creating renewed interest in energy efficient homes.

Even for those of us living in the relatively mild climate of the Bay Area, an energy efficient home can mean a significant reduction in our energy bills.