Be Prepared For a Roof Repair

Condo owners know that their monthly association fees will cover exterior building maintenance including roofs. But if you are the owner of a single-family dwelling, the buck stops with you, whether you have a rainy-day fund or not. A Marin roofing contractor can provide you with tips on what to do if the coming rains surprise you with a leaky roof.

Marin Roofing Contractor: Best Work Examples

This year, California became the first state to mandate that in 2020, all new homes have solar power. Many Marin homeowners are ahead of that regulation. Booth and Little recently did a complete roof replacement on a Novato home, which included specifications for a solar installation for Jay and Kathleen Z. They needed a new roof and wanted to lower their PG&E bills, so they talked to Darren Little of Booth and Little and Deena Vaughn of Solar Broker Networks to be sure they had the right roof for the right solar system.

Signs Your Roof Might Need Repair

Has anyone ever asked you what that sag is in your roof? Are you surprised when you visit your next-door neighbor and wonder whose shoddy shingles you are looking at, until you realize they are on your house? These are signs that your roof is in trouble and might need repairs.