Experienced & Reliable Marin Roofing Company

You might wonder why experience matters when it comes to Marin County roofers.  A roof replacement is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. Choosing a local, reliable, Marin County roofer like Booth and Little can save you time and money later.

Marin County roofers understand the micro-climates that exist in the different geographic areas of North Bay. From the foggy coastal cliffs and beaches, to the hot, flat rural areas, to the redwood groves that filter the sun and rain pine needles.

Each of these cities, towns and farms may require a roofing material that will prove to be more efficient depending on the weather in the various micro-climates.

“I highly recommend Booth and Little. They were amazing. They came in and did a major reroofing job on our house and you almost wouldn’t know they’d been here – except for the new roof and solar system. Very professional from beginning to end.”  Jay Z., Novato

Booth and Little’s roofers are long-term employees, who understand the challenges of the varying landscape. In business for almost a century, our roots in Marin County run deep.

Whether your home has a flat roof, one that is slightly sloped of one with many steep peaks, an experienced roofing contractor knows what materials will work best.

“A telling example of Darren’s approach to business comes from an appointment I set up for him with an elderly woman I know who is on a fixed income. She had been told that she needed a new roof. Darren inspected her roof, performed a minor repair, informed her that her roof still had years of wear left and did not charge her for the visit. Darren Little of Booth and Little Roofing has installed the roofs on a number of my construction projects over the last six or seven years, and without exception the installations have been as promised and problem-free. A trustworthy company.” Tim W., San Rafael

A roof replacement can feel disruptive. Our experienced roofing team take the greatest care to protect your landscaping and the area surrounding your home.

Solar Roof Options

Increasingly important to homeowners is energy efficiency. A new roof and weatherproofing can help make a home more energy efficient. For instance, more homeowners are considering solar, when they need a roof replacement. Booth and Little works with businesses that specialize in solar, so our roofs are sure to meet the specifications of the solar manufacturer, to ensure the job is done right and seamlessly.

“I chose Booth and Little to install a tricky skylight job because I knew they could handle the complexity. Darren stands by his work.”  – Mark C. Tiburon


Free Roofing Repair and Replacement Estimates

Booth and Little Roofing offers a local, experienced, reliable option for your roofing needs. A free estimate, advice on material choices, and a detailed estimate ensure that you get the roof you want within your budget. To schedule your free estimate call our Marin office number at 415-924-2733.