How to Choose a Roofing Contractor?

A new roof for your business is a significant investment. Choosing the right roofing contractor for a commercial job can make all the difference.

Finding your pick of roofing companies is not difficult. The work comes in making sure you choose one that can provide you with a professional roof installation – one that means a great return on investment.

Step One: Do Your Research

Spending the time now, will save money later. In a post last year, we focused on questions to ask before hiring a roofer for your home.

While some concerns are the same, there are differences between commercial and residential work.

Step Two: Ask if They Have Experience with Commercial Roofing Projects

Ensuring that a potential contractor is licensed, insured (liability and worker’s comp) and that the company’s employees are trained and experienced in commercial work is at the top of the list.

If the firm contracts out any of the work, are those workers insured, trained and experienced?

You will also want to know how long a company has been in business.

What Makes Commercial Work Different?

Most commercial buildings cover a lot of square footage and their roofs are flat, which comes with its own set of challenges.

All the rain this year has caused pooling on some flat or low slope roofs. If there are any areas damaged by surface erosion, leaks can happen over time.

Erosion isn’t the only culprit. Punctures and other kinds of surface cuts and penetration caused by walking on, or working on a roof, installing solar units, or other equipment can occur.

Sub-standard work, or simply using the wrong materials can shorten the life of a commercial roof. Foam is often chosen as a material that can cover and insulate a flat roof at the same time, but no one factored in the birds.

That’s right, birds, that peck away so effectively at the foam, they can cause major damage to foam roofs.

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Step Three: Ask About Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance is especially important with commercial roofs. You may want to determine if a regular inspection schedule can be included in your roofing contract, to protect your investment over the long haul.

Step Four: Get References and Actually Talk with Them

Okay, it stands to reason, companies won’t give you the name of someone who hated their work. But even if a friend or colleague gave you the name of a good roofer, you owe it to yourself to ask for references from the roofer.

If your friend or colleague used the roofer recently, ask the roofer for a client from several years ago, or vice versa. A little history is a good thing.

When you are ready, contact us for a free estimate. One of our seasoned professionals will be happy to talk with you about our history and experience. Booth and Little has been in business for almost 100 years and worked on commercial buildings for the Corte Madera Town Center, the City of Mill Valley and many commercial buildings in Sonoma County.