How Do I Plan for a Roof Renovation?

What Do You Need to Know Before You Start Your Roof Renovation?

If you haven’t experienced any leaks, you may not know what condition your roof is in. Do you need a roof renovation or would simple repairs do the trick? Getting the advice of a professional who knows what to look for when walking your roof is a good first step.  The following conditions will help you determine your options:

  • The roofing material itself can determine whether you are looking at a reroofing option or a tear-off. Is your current roofing material intact, or are their worn or missing shingles or areas that look old or discolored? Discoloration can be a sign of water damage.
  • How many layers of roofing material already exist? A professional will be able to determine whether your existing roof is made up of a single layer, or has been reroofed in the past. Building codes dictate how many layers are allowed.
  • Quality of the initial roof installation. If your current roof was professionally installed, it reduces the possibility of common mistakes that can cause long-term problems.

The Age and Wear of Your Current Roof Are Not the Only Age Considerations

In some cases, installing new roofing materials over an older roof may be a viable option, if the existing roof has been maintained. Since building codes in the Bay Area restrict the roofing to just two layers, we encourage home owners to consider their own age and how long they plan to stay in the home.
You may also want to consider several things that can’t be easily determined without a complete tear-off renovation:

  • The sheathing material and decking underneath can’t be visually inspected to see what condition it is in.
  • The underlayment, or tar paper can’t be replaced. That added protection is there for a reason. It protects your roof deck from water that can get past the shingles.
  • Reroofing adds weight. Good quality composite shingles can add up to as much as 450 pounds per square 100 feet. You will want to know your structure can support the added weight.

How Long Does a Roof Renovation Take?

As you probably guessed, the time it takes to do a roof renovation depends on the extent of the work involved. The size and slope of the roof and the number of people doing the work will affect how long the project takes. Generally, an average residential roof renovation done by professionals will take less than a week. Commercial building roof renovations vary by size and complexity.

What Materials Are Best and Why?

As any good professional will tell you, with every job, you will need to find the right material for the right application. Whether you are looking at the difference between PVC and TPO or choosing composite shingles, you’ll want to know what makes sense for your type of roof and where your home is situated.

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