How Does Allstate Handle Homeowner Roof Claims?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve gone from an emergency drought declaration to lots of rain filling our reservoirs to between 80 and 92% full. Some of the rain came in storms that brought high winds, taking down trees and damaging roofs. This month, we’ll be looking at how Allstate Insurance handles homeowner claims.

As with other insurers, the Allstate website is the place the company recommends you start with a claim. Some of you might want to check with your agent first, since talking with a real person is often more reassuring than following links or prompts on a website. Others will sail through the online process with few bumps.

When it comes to roofs, making sure you mitigate any further damage done to your roof will be your first step, prior to taking any action on a claim. This often means getting a professional roofer to assess the damage and provide a temporary repair. Only then will you want to contact your insurer.

Filing a Claim

According to Allstate’s system, your first step is to file and then track your claim. A claim number will be automatically generated, so you can track your claim as it moves through channels.

Professional roofer assesses damage

The second step is damage evaluation. If you called a professional roofer to help with mitigating the damage, that person may already have provided you a damage estimate. It is often wise to get more than one estimate. Allstate’s site indicates they will “work with you on the estimate and repair choices” so the process can move forward.

The third takes place after your home claim is evaluated along with reviewing the estimate for repairs. The amount of coverage will rely on the terms and types of coverage contained in your homeowners insurance policy. With the inflated cost of some building materials, homeowners may be in for a surprise if they don’t have replacement costs as part of their coverage. Standard coverage will reimburse you for the repairs at a depreciated figure. If your policy covers replacement costs, even if your roof is 10 years old, your roof can be repaired for the full replacement amount of those repairs without any depreciation.

Not to be outdone by other insurers, Allstate Good Hands® Repair Network also offers you, the homeowner, help in finding a contractor. You can use their network website, or you can ask you claims representative directly.

The relationship you have with your insurance agent will probably determine whether you take your claim right to the website, or whether you get on the phone for a quick chat with your agent first.

Whichever you choose, if you need help finding a reliable, professional roofer with deep roots in the Marin and Sonoma communities, please feel free to contact us today for expert advice.

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