How Does Farmers Insurance Handle Homeowner Roof Claims?

You’ve probably seen their great commercials about all the different types of insurance claims Farmers handles. In fact, a damaged or destroyed roof might seem rather mundane. But, as their commercials and website convey, they know it can be very unsettling for the homeowner to set right.

It Is Good To Be Prepared

When your home is hit with roof damage due to a storm, preventing additional damage inside the home is a priority. That often means getting in touch with a roofer to assess the damage and getting advice on mitigation measures. Otherwise, calling in a claim might be a bit premature. Knowing the extent of the damage and having an estimate can prove helpful.

Kentfield Farmers Insurance agent, Alan Palfi, agrees that mitigating further roof damage after a storm, to the extent possible, is crucial.

He said, “Even if you have to hire someone to come and place plastic over your whole roof, do that as quickly as possible. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that in an insurance contract, that is part of the insured’s responsibility to do. If you don’t do anything to address the damage and a second storm comes in a day or two later, you could be partially responsible. Of course, we are talking about what is reasonable. Don’t climb onto your roof in the middle of a storm. Hiring someone is probably your safest option.”

Alan Palfi quote about filing claim

Specifically, if it is damage from a storm Palfi likes to walk his customers through the claims process, rather than letting them go it alone. He explained, “We can be on the call together, file the claim together, so I can stay in the loop… Most of our claims representatives are top notch, and I’ve never had an adversarial relationship, but it helps to keep things on track.”

How To File A Roof Claim With Farmers Insurance

According to the Farmers Insurance website, filing a claim is pretty straight forward. They recommend that you – call your representative directly, 24/7 at 1-800-435-7764file your claim online, or contact your Farmers agent.

If you call the 24/7 number rather than going through your agent, either way, you’ll be assigned a representative. They will need information and documentation on the reason for and extent of the damage. That is where contacting a professional roofer will be to your advantage in terms of preparation.

You can start the claim process by filling out a three stage online form:

  • Start Claim
  • Claim Details
  • Claim Summary

You’ll need to provide your policy number, date and time of the loss and the policy holder’s name. Once the claim is filed you can check back to find the representative handling your claim or find the status of your claim.

If further damage is detected, they will issue a supplemental payment

They also state that even if they have issued a payment for damage, if further damage is detected during repairs, they will issue a supplemental payment in that event.

If you can’t file online, or prefer to speak to someone in person, you can call. Some policy holders will prefer to talk directly with their insurance agent, to review the type of coverage their policy offers or to double-check on the deductible. While your agent is not a claims representative, they may possess knowledge that could be helpful in preparing for to file your claim.

What Makes Farmers Insurance Unique

Farmers makes an interesting statement on their website, something not all residential insurers offer:

Home Repair Resources

As part of our award-winning claims service, Farmers can help as you make decisions about home repairs. In addition to our educational materials and ongoing support, we can provide referrals to emergency services and certified contractors that stand behind their work.   

On that same page, they offer a range of educational materials and guides:

  • Home Repair Guide
  • Guaranteed Repair Program
  • Repair Referral Programs
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Submitting Receipts

If you still have questions concerning a claim, Famers offers a chat option to address common concerns about filing a form.

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