How Does Progressive Handle Roof Claims?

You may think all insurance carriers are alike and they handle claims in a similar fashion. If so, Progressive’s options for a homeowner’s policy might surprise you. How they handle a roofing claim will depend on which insurer underwrote the policy. You read that correctly – it will depend on which company wrote the policy. This explanation is excerpted from an article in Progressive Homeowners Insurance Review (March 2, 2022)

Progressive dates back to 1930s Ohio and prides itself on its history of innovation as an insurer and underwriter… Progressive offers homeowners insurance through its Progressive Home Advantage network of insurers, including its own American Strategic Insurance unit. While the insurance is sold under the Progressive label, the details vary based on the particular carrier ultimately writing your policy.

One of its innovations may be their network of insurers, but that can make it more complicated when filing a claim. If you go through their website to register your claim, you need to choose your insurer. Unlike some insurance companies, Progressive offers to help you connect with your insurer. There are 13 altogether to choose from. You can find them on the Progressive website, if you know which company underwrote your homeowners policy. Progressive also has a phone number listed for each company, so you can begin the claims process that way.

How Does Progressive Handle Roof Claims?

In this way, Progressive might be seen as a version of an insurance brokerage, when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. According to the American Strategic Insurance Unit website:

ASI operates as a collective group of insurance subsidiaries under the parent company ARX Holding Corp., for which Progressive Corp. is a controlling shareholder.

All this to say, if you file a claim for roof damage, you won’t be working directly with Progressive. If you choose to use the online option for filing a claim, that may not matter much to you. As noted above, they do provide a phone number, 1-800-776-4737, to assist in seeing that you connect in a timely fashion with the correct insurer to facilitate resolving any claims that arise.

Booth and Little is familiar with the claims process of many insurers. If your roof is damaged, it doesn’t take much rain to create problems. Your first concern may be to get a professional roofer to assess and mitigate the damage. If you have questions about how we can assist with roof repairs, or you’d simply like to talk with a roofing professional, give us a call today in Marin: 415-924-2733, or in Sonoma: 707-586-2656.