How to Make a Roof Last?

In a Word, “Maintenance.”

It may not be high tech, or sexy, but maintenance and attention to detail will keep your roof in better shape longer. Most of us would not go out and buy a new car and then drive it for years without checking the oil, the tire treads or scheduling a regular tune-up. Yet, many homeowners don’t even think about the roof overhead unless it leaks.

Why You Need a Maintenance Schedule

Your owner’s manual for your car tells you how many miles you can drive before you bring the car in for service. In addition, some cars have idiot lights, still others provide a system that actually talk to you. Not so, with your roof. It’s a good idea to mark your calendar with reminders telling you when to do a timely inspection of your roof. Every quarter is best, but at least twice a year is good. We recommend that you have a professional inspect your roof every year, or two, to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

What’s Causing Damage to Your Roof?

As our summers get warmer, more people are planting trees near homes to provide a little shade. Just remember, too much of a good thing can be a problem. Too much sun can be hard on a roof, but so can debris. Be sure to keep branches and leaves off the surface of the roof and leaves out of your gutters. If you live along the coast, where fog is common, moss can be more of a problem. It can trap water. Tackling the problem early will save you time and money.

When you do an inspection, look for cracked, curled or loose shingles, or tiles, depending on the kind of roofing material used. If your location is subject to a lot of wind, you will want to check your roof to ensure that no branches have fallen, or loose shingles been torn off in a storm. A variety of things can damage a roof, but regular maintenance can mean a small repair now, compared to a big repair or replacement later.

Whether you just made a major investment in a new roof, or you want to simply keep an older roof in good shape, setting up a regular maintenance schedule can add years to the life of your roof. That, and regular professional inspections should do the trick.

Our professional staff can provide you with specific advice about your roof’s current condition and suggested maintenance based on your location and vegetation. Contact us today.