How To Stop Roofing Tiles From Clogging Your Gutter

Anything that falls into your gutter and stays there can cause build up or create a blockage. When your gutters don’t drain properly, the water flows over the sides of the gutter, falling close to your home’s foundation.

What Will Happen If You Allow Areas of Your Roof To Start Being Flooded By Clogged Gutters?

 The flooded areas of your home will more likely be a basement if you have one. Or, in some cases, small areas of your roof might pool with water until the water in your gutters flows over the side. Actual debris on your roof itself is more likely to cause flooding on the roof that could damage the tiles over time, cause mold or create a leak.

However, clogged gutters bring their own set of problems. So back to the original question. Do you need to climb onto your roof and remove the broken tile roof pieces?

  1. That depends on the kind of tiles you have on your roof.
  2. How comfortable are you in getting up on your roof in the first place?

If you have clay or concrete tiles on your roof, small cracks and chips may be able to be repaired. Even if the damage is along the edge and the repair is just for the aesthetic value, you’ll want to retain the portion of the tile that chipped off. If the chips or cracks are extensive, due to a branch falling, storm damage, or old age, you’ll want to replace the tiles before a leak occurs. Getting any debris from the tiles out of your gutters is a wise move.

If you are not comfortable on a ladder, you can call a professional roofer in to do the job. Also, if in the process of taking a closer look at the tiles, you discover that the crack or chip is more extensive than you could see at first, or more tiles are damaged, find out how serious a repair you need.

Composite Shingles and Gutters

If you have composite shingles, you may be experiencing a different kind of residual material in your gutters. Whether your shingles are designed to reflect the sun’s rays, or to fireproof, they will contain granules. These may be ceramic granules or made from glass fiber coated in asphalt and minerals such as stone, slate, mica, schist, or quartz. The granules will eventually wear off in places. They end up in your gutters. This is not a serious concern, if your roof is not very old.

This is a natural progression of the tiles aging but can be accelerated by foliage brushing on your roof, hail or heavy rains. It is a good idea to examine your roof for bald spots where the granules can no longer be seen on the tiles. If your tiles are also cracked, curled or split, you will want to replace the damaged area.

Are Broken Shingles Something That Require An Entire Reroofing Project?

Whatever type of tile your roof is covered in, if it is reaching the end of its estimated lifespan you’ll want to weigh the benefits of replacement vs. repair.

Keeping your roof free of debris and your gutters clear can go a long way in ensuring your roof materials will last longer. Tile roofs, flat roofs and steep roofs should only be walked on with caution and an understanding of their weak spots.

Free Roof Inspection in Marin

We recommend that a roof be inspected at least once a year and twice is better. Spring and fall are ideal times to inspect your roof for changes.


If you are concerned about your roof’s condition or want help with inspecting your gutters, contact us today. One of our professionals will be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.