Our Story


Our family history goes four generations deep in Marin County, beginning with David C. Little. When the 1906 quake hit San Francisco, David Little headed north to join the rebuilding effort. Though barely nineteen, he’d already spent a year in his family’s construction business in Monterey, California. By 1907, he moved further north, to the quiet, rural community of Larkspur, where that year he installed his first roof in Marin County. In the early 1920’s, David Little started looking for a business partner, to share the day-to-day responsibilities of a thriving business. He found that partner in Harry Booth, an East Coast transplant. They founded Booth & Little Roofing in 1923. In 1926, Booth sold his interest to Little so he could return East. Booth & Little Roofing has remained in the Little family from that point forward.

Although both David’s sons, Frank and Bill, began their careers in other fields, they each joined Booth & Little Roofing to learn the business. By 1963, Frank’s son Ray came on board, right after leaving the Air Force. Like his father before him, Ray learned the business from the ground up, working beside the other employees as part of the roofing crew.


Meet Darren Little

Following family tradition, each of Ray’s four sons joined Booth & Little Roofing. Kevin, Brien, Darren and Timothy all believed in family, but as it happens some were more drawn to the work than others. When Ray retired in 2010, after 47 years in the business, Darren stepped up to run the company.

Never one to sit too long in the office, Darren says, “I grew up in this business and I take pride in workmanship. When I provide an estimate, it’s backed up with decades of hands-on experience in the roofing business. Whether it’s walking a roof to check for maintenance issues, examining a site to determine ease of roof access, or advising someone on a roof replacement, I understand what it takes to complete a project.”

Darren is proud of the fact that Booth & Little Roofing is a union roofing company and his employees have been with him for an average of 16 years.

While Darren can’t be on every job, he has his favorites. “I really enjoy the variety that comes with the two to three day residential reroofing projects in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. What’s not to like about taking in the view of the incredible natural beauty, before my roofing crew and I dig in to do an honest day’s work?”

Darren lives in Sonoma County with his wife. They have three daughters.