Partner Spotlight: Solar Broker Deena Vaughn

Now that the rains have hit the San Francisco Bay Area, homeowners and businesses are dealing with leaky roofs. Finding a roofing company to do an emergency repair can be a daunting task. If an inspection determines that a proper repair won’t be small or simple, Booth and Little can often do the emergency repair. In those cases, if at a later date the homeowner decides to go with Booth and Little for the major repair or roof replacement, the cost of the emergency repair will be deducted from the major or roof replacement cost.

Often, you won’t be able to find a roofer right away for your leaky roof, so check out some of these stopgap tips from an earlier post.

Blackouts and Soar

Prior to the rains hitting though, large swaths of California residents and businesses were experiencing PG&E blackouts. Many people began looking at solar panels with heightened interest. Another contributing factor is the 30% Federal solar tax credit that ends in 2019.

In order to determine if your roof can support the addition of solar panels, you’ll want a professional to inspect your roof. Also, the age of the roofing materials matters. The best time to add solar panels is either on a new home’s roof or after a complete reroofing job, with solar panels factored in.

denna-vaughn-solar-brokerSolar Broker Deena Vaughn, knows there are a number of other factors to consider in deciding if solar panels will work on your roof. Things like roof slope, what direction does your home face, what square footage is the roof, are there obstructions like dormers, features like skylights or vegetation like large trees that interfere? Deena works closely with Darren Little to make sure Booth and Little’s customers, interested in solar, receive the best information for their decision-making. Vaughn is also able to get them the best deal because she can provide multiple bids for her clients to choose from.

“As an independent solar broker, I work with not only solar contractors but numerous other trades, like electricians and roofers. Darren Little, of Booth and Little Roofing is absolutely my favorite! He is highly experienced and professional. Darren is also a very warm, personable guy,” said Vaughn.

She continued, “Once he and I start working with a client, he insists that they call him on his cell phone and he personally schedules estimates and repairs for my solar clients. If they need an emergency repair, but ultimately a roof replacement and he can’t help them with a full roof replacement right away because of a full schedule, he offers to do the repair, and if they decide to go ahead with a roof replacement when his schedule opens up, he prorates the roof replacement based on what he charged them for the repair. Who does that? The best part is that I know my clients are happy with his work because they tell me. That is a great feeling. I can recommend Darren with full confidence.”

If you are considering a solar system or concerned about a possible leak in your roof, contact us today to talk with one of our professionals.