Reviews of Booth and Little Roofing

Booth and Little is a well-respected Marin roofing company, established 96 years ago. Now, in its fourth generation of family owners, they provide both residential and professional roofing services in Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties.


Marin Leaky Roof Repair

Emergencies happen. The professionals at Booth and Little are on call for storm damage and that includes unexpected leaks. A leaking roof can cause lasting damage if it isn’t dealt with quickly…

“I just found myself a gem! This company is amazing. During the recent storms my roof started to leak, I was freaking out because it kept expanding from one bucket to multiple buckets and it was leaking through my outlets. I called this company and they were out the same day to evaluate if there was something that could be done in spite of the pouring down rain. Darren said that there was nothing he could do at that moment but would be back as soon as there was a dry moment to fix the issue. He was back the next morning as Soon as the rain stopped To patch the roof up. It hasn’t rained again since but I’m pretty confident that he has taken care of the problem, and he did so at a very reasonable price. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the promptness and the empathy shown by Darren. Will definitely be using this company when it’s time to repair or replace my roof!” – Yasmin B., Windsor

Booth and Little possesses a wide-range of experience providing professional roofing services in Bay Area communities. Knowing at the outset what permits are required in the various municipalities can save a homeowner from any undue financial surprises, missed in an estimate.


Repair or Replace Your Roof

BuildZoom gives Booth and Little a score of 99%. That places Booth and Little in the 85 percentile of 336,931 contractors in California.

“Municipalities have their own individual regulations and requirements that must be honored. The kind of equipment needed to repair or replace a roof can determine the exact permit needed to complete the work. It isn’t as simple as going in and requesting a permit to say, replace a roof. In one city, if you have equipment that crosses a sidewalk, depending on the equipment, you may need a special permit,” says Darren Little, owner of Booth and Little Roofing.

Sometimes, a major roof repair, or even roof replacement just isn’t needed. Booth and Little professionals are not pushed to upsell a project. They provide honest assessments of a roof’s condition and offer solutions to fit the need. This is a union roofing company and employees have been with the company for an average of 16 years.

Experience That Matters

“Fast service. Knows his stuff. Offered more than one solution that was less expensive. Has experience with traditional and modern rooting material systems.” – Angelo P., San Francisco

“These roofers actually return your call/inquiry in a timely manner. Jaime and Mark are efficient and do not try to up-sell on repairs that are not necessary. They have saved us twice now. Great company to keep in your Contacts.” – Erica L., Greenbrae

Booth and Little recommends that you get more than one estimate for your roofing work. Also, keep in mind that you need to compare, not just the end total but the cost of the actual products (same shingle/tile quality and thickness) and services to be performed…


Free Estimate for Roofing Work

“We had estimates from 3 or 4 roofers but were most impressed with that of Booth & Little. It was the most comprehensive contract of the bunch and was neither the lowest or highest priced offer. The estimator, Mark Sadler, was very easy to work with, and made sure we were satisfied at all times. The foreman did an excellent job on the repairs that were needed, and kept things running smoothly. I can make an unqualified recommendation as to the quality work and professionalism of Booth & Little.” – Harold W., San Rafael

“At Booth and Little we feel it’s important for our customers to know how to evaluate an estimate. Warranties may have less importance than the thickness of a particular shingle. This can get a bit tricky, as some shingles look the same, so it is important to inquire as to the thickness,” Darren Little.

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Why does that matter? The Better Business Bureau assigns a rating to each of the more than 5 million business it tracks. The ratings range from A+ to F. The rely upon factual information like the length of time in business and the status o various business licenses, and of course, consumer feedback. This includes accolades and complaints and a number of other factors.