What Do I Do When My Roof Is Being Replaced?

You might be wondering how your life will be disrupted when your roof needs replacement and the roofing crew arrives. You won’t need to move into a hotel or ship the kids off to the extended family. For the average single-family home, a roof replacement job can be done within a week, some often in just a few days. There will be some disruption of your normal routine, but nothing worth leaving home for. The exception might be if you work out of a home office.


Hold the Parties and Celebrations

While your home is being worked on, you’ll want to discourage visitors, dinner parties and birthday celebrations. A professional crew of roofers will make every effort to reduce any household disruption, but noise and extra activity is unavoidable.

Pets won’t like what they may perceive as an invasion of their yard. Best to keep them inside. If you have especially sensitive pets, the ones that quiver and shake when they hear a backfire or fireworks, it might be kinder to board them during the day. Also, keeping the children out of the yard when the work is happening is a prudent safety precaution for everyone involved.


Will My Landscaping Survive?

If you have landscaping close to your home, the roofers should be prepared to protect it with tarping and other materials to keep it free from any debris. Trimming low hanging tree branches will make your roof more accessible. You’d be wise to move any lawn or patio furniture, or potted plants away from the perimeter of the house, giving the roofers ample room to do their work.

If, like the majority of homes you have more cars than will fit into your garage, parking your vehicles away from your home while the work is being done will give the roofers more room for their equipment and vehicles.


How Many Layers of Shingles Can a Roof Have?

Roofers who know what they are doing will come prepared with the necessary equipment, and debris containers to hold the old roofing material. As a rule, it is better to remove the old roofing material entirely, rather than reroofing over old shingles. A second layer of shingles can trap heat. In some cases, this can cause the decomposition of both layers of shingles. It can also reduce the longevity of your roof and add unnecessary weight to your structure.

California has strict codes regarding what is allowable when it comes to roof assemblies. Two is the maximum number of shingle layers allowed. Due to the recent fires and climate concerns, other requirements have been added. A professional roofer will be well versed in the codes and permits that apply to your town or municipality.


Three Final Tips

  • Be a good neighbor – Let your neighbors know about the timing of your roof replacement, so they can plan accordingly. It’s the kind thing to do.
  • Remove wall decoration – Inside and out, remove all wall decorations that are not fastened on with screws. The hammering may not affect them, but it is better to be safe than sorry. That goes for delicate objet d’art, that could fall from a shelf or mantel.
  • Watch your step – Remember, for a few days, your home will be surrounded by a construction zone. Being aware of where you are walking and what unexpected obstacle might cross your path can save unnecessary injuries.

If you are interested in getting an estimate for a roof replacement, call our Booth and Little office in Marin at 415-924-2733 or our office in Sonoma at 707-586-2656. One of our experienced staff will be happy to help you.