What Does it Cost to Roof a San Francisco Home?

Peaked Roof, Flat Roof, 3-Story Victorian or Stucco Stand Alone?

So many factors come into determining the cost of a new roof. Everything from the materials you choose, to the slope of the roof and even how close your home is situated to your neighbors. When we get a call from someone in San Francisco asking about prices, we start with the basics. The cost of materials alone can vary greatly, from modestly priced asphalt shingles, to high priced gray slate or red clay tiles.

Geography, Architecture and Permitting Fees Add to the Pricing Structure

cost-to-roof-a-house-in-san-franciscoA three story home on a steep hill, tightly tucked into a line of similar homes, with roof overhangs almost touching one another provide special complications. Steeply sloping roof angles will very likely cost more in terms of labor. Think Painted Ladies , Alamo Square.

Getting our crew and materials onto the roof can be a challenge. If our vehicles need to be driven over a portion of side-walk in order to get close to the house, the City of San Francisco charges a $600 fee for that privilege, just in case any city cement gets cracked.

Before we provide an estimate, we come to your home to see all the variables we will be facing. Over the years, we’ve worked on a number of challenging roofing jobs in San Francisco. With some, the houses are so close together that there is overhang and we’ve had to get permission to step onto an adjacent neighbor’s roof, just to complete the job. It helps to know that in advance, so we can determine, as best we can, the condition and safety of the neighboring roof.

If you live in an area where the homes have more space between them and the roof design is less sloped and more accessible, the costs could be less.

What’s the Cost Range of a San Francisco Roof?

A new roof on a residential San Francisco home can run anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000+. To recap – everything from the condition of the understructure, to your choice of roofing materials, to the complexity and accessibility of your current roof design impact the cost of a new roof. Your safest bet is to get a professional estimate from a roofing firm that has experience in San Francisco, is familiar with the building codes/permitting fee structure and carries all the necessary liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Our professional staff know how to walk a roof and take in complications and potential challenges right up front, to provide you with an accurate roofing estimate. Contact us today.