What to Expect from a Free Roofing Estimate

Technology is making its way into all kinds of industries.

You can go to the internet to see what a paint color will look like on your “virtual” house or get a roofing estimate by entering the square footage of your roof.

Nothing beats a personal inspection. One where a professional gets out of the office and onto your roof.

Walking a roof can reveal spots of wear and tear, sun or wind damage and issues with flashing.

Keep in mind – not all roofs are safe to walk, or should be walked on.

Steeply sloped roofs, a damaged roof and tile or slate roofs can be inspected using a ladder, binoculars and even drones depending on accessibility.

An on-site inspection can be done, whether or not you are home. A full walk around the property may not be possible, if pets are involved, but being on-site to get a good look at the structure and the landscape is a big help.

What Matters in the Estimate?

The important thing is that the person providing the estimate gets the full picture:

  1. The condition of the current roof
  2. The slope of the roof
  3. Where the house is located on the lot, for ease of access from the road
  4. What vegetation is nearby that might impede access – meaning can the debris go right into the receptacle or will it need to be hauled over a distance, or downhill
  5. Square footage of the project and choice or roofing materials

What else is in the Estimate?

An estimate will determine whether the project includes a partial repair, or a full roof replacement. Are the soffits in good shape or are they suffering from rot? How many layers does the current roof contain. At one time, California allowed up to three layers, but now the maximum is two layers. These details affect the price of an estimate.

Without tearing off the roofing material to see what is underneath, it can be difficult to determine if the roof decking is sound. In most cases, that is not an issue, but occasionally, the plywood decking will need replacement.

A complete estimate will contain a note that unforeseen damage, such as rotted decking material will incur an extra charge, billed at so much an hour.

Building permits are necessary in most municipalities – so the estimate should include the price of the permit and the cost of the debris removal.

An estimate that spells out what will be done, by whom and with what materials in a specified timeframe are all reasonable elements of an estimate.

The roofing contractor should also be able to provide a license number as well as proof of liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

If you are ready to discover what your home or commercial property may need, contact us for a free estimate.  We provide on-site inspections before developing our roofing estimates.