Why Get a New Roof from Booth and Little?

For any big investment you make in your home, finding competent, trustworthy professionals to do the work is a top priority. A new roof is one of those investments. So, why consider Booth and Little?

Longevity in the field is a great place to start. No one wants to hear this, if you call your roof installer, only three or four years later when your roof springs a leak, “I’m sorry that number you dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service…”

How Long Has Booth & Little Roofing Been in Business?

darren-little-booth-and-little-roofingDid you know that roofing is considered a high turnover business? According to several sources, many roofing companies only stay in business three or four years. Poor roof installation issues may not show up for the first few years. A labor warranty is only as good as the company doing the installation. Booth and Little, established in 1923, is a family owned and run roofing business located in the North Bay. Their team of union roofers have been with them, on average, for about 16 years.

Longevity brings a familiarity with the kinds of materials that work well in the micro-climates of Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. New combinations of materials, along with the popularization of old stalwarts like metal roofing are what Booth and Little work with, day to day. Metal roofing used to be mainly restricted to commercial and agricultural structures. Material choices coupled with an ever-expanding choice of styles are making metal roofs a more attractive choice for residential buildings.

“I called Booth and Little, not only did they return my call the same day, but Mark came out to inspect our roof the very next day. Turns out it wasn’t a roof leak, rather a leak in the cap on the parapet wall.  They were timely and friendly and their work is great.” – Yelp review from P.S., San Francisco

Do You Want Your Roofing Company to Have Employees or Subcontractors?

You’ll want to work with a licensed company whose employees are trained and experienced. What sounds like a good deal for the estimates you’ve received (three is a good number) may not be a good deal if you dig deeper. Be sure to ask key questions like, who will be doing the work? Are they employees of the company, or subcontractors? If they are employees, what kind of experience do they have and are they insured and covered by workers’ comp? Bids are often lower when subcontractors are used because they are not insured by the company, and they don’t receive employee training or benefits. In that case, if someone falls off your roof, you may be liable.

“I just found myself a gem! This company is amazing. During the recent storms my roof started to leak, I was freaking out because it kept expanding from one bucket to multiple buckets and it was leaking through my outlets. I called this company and they were out the same day to evaluate if there was something that could be done in spite of the pouring down rain. Darren said that there was nothing he could do at that moment but would be back as soon as there was a dry moment to fix the issue. He was back the next morning as Soon as the rain stopped To patch the roof up. It hasn’t rained again since but I’m pretty confident that he has taken care of the problem, and he did so at a very reasonable price. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the promptness and the empathy shown by Darren. Will definitely be using this company when it’s time to repair or replace my roof!” – Yelp review from Yasmin, Winsor

What Regulations Must a Bay Area Roofing Company Follow?

In many cities, towns and counties they have their own rules and regulations. Are you working with someone who is familiar with who to deal with in the planning department, or knows which permits need to be pulled? Is it part of the estimate, or an add on? These are not minor issues, if they can hold up your entire project.

Also, it is a good idea to find out how the roofer and his team plan to deal with the landscaping that surrounds your home. How will they protect it? What are their plans for clean up? Who will be responsible for the big box receptacle to haul away the old roofing material? If any of these items are considered your responsibility as the homeowner, you’ll want to know that up front, so you can factor it into estimate comparisons.

“We had estimates from 3 or 4 roofers, but were most impressed with that of Booth & Little. It was the most comprehensive contract of the bunch, and was neither the lowest or highest priced offer. The estimator, Mark Sadler, was very easy to work with, and made sure we were satisfied at all times.The foreman did an excellent job on the repairs that were needed, and kept things running smoothly. I can make an unqualified recommendation as to the quality work and professionalism of Booth & Little.” – Yelp review, Harold, San Rafael

Getting references is highly recommended. Just because a sales rep says a roofing company does great work, does not make it so. Again, be curious. This is a big investment and worth your time to check things out. Booth and Little has been around a long time. Long enough to know the pitfalls and surprises homeowners can face if they don’t take the time to do their research.

Booth and Little’s professional team of roofers is ready for your questions and can provide a detailed estimate along with a list of references. If you think your roof is ready for replacement, or you simply want to get a solid estimate, please contact us today. We’d be happy to help!